Structure: How the DER Touristik Foundation works

Transparency is important to us. Not only in terms of our activities and the use of our funds, but also about how we are positioned and how we make decisions. 


The DER Touristik Foundation is a registered non-profit association and comprises the Management Board and Members’ Meeting

Management Board

The Management Board of DER Touristik Foundation e.V., which is elected by the Members’ Meeting for two years, is currently composed of:

Soeren Hartmann, DER Touristik Foundation

Sören Hartmann

Leif Larsen

Leif Vase Larsen
Deputy Chairman

Klaus Franke, DER Touristik Foundation

Klaus Franke

The association is represented externally by two members of the Management Board.

Tasks of the Management Board

Preparation and convening of the Members’ Meeting and drafting the agenda

Execution of resolutions of the Members’ Meeting

Preparation of the budget, accounting, preparation of the annual report

Adoption of decisions on the admission and exclusion of members

Members' Meeting

The Members’ Meeting is composed of full and associate members and meets once a year in the first half of the year. There, each full member has one vote.

The following DER Touristik companies, represented by their management in each case, are full members with voting rights: 

  • DER Touristik Deutschland GmbH
  • DER Deutsches Reisebüro GmbH & Co. OHG
  • DER Touristik Online GmbH
  • DERPART Reisevertrieb GmbH
  • DER Touristik Hotels & Resorts GmbH
  • DER Touristik Partner-Service Verwaltungs GmbH
  • DER Touristik DMC GmbH
  • DER Touristik Nordic AB
  • DER Touristik UK Limited
  • DER Touristik Eastern Europe a.s.
  • DER Touristik Suisse AG
  • Travel Lab S.A.S.

Persons who wish to provide financial and non-material support to the purposes of the association and have reached 18 years of age, may also belong to the association as associate members. However, they have no right to vote or to stand for election at the Members’ Meeting. If you would like to become an associate member, please fill out our membership application and send it to the Management Board.

The Tasks of the Members’ Meeting are

Adopting resolutions on funding projects
Accepting and approving the Management Board’s annual report
Approving the actions of the Management Board
Electing the auditor
Approving the budget plan for the following business year
Determining and possibly changing membership fees
Electing and dismissing eligible members of the Management Board
Adopting resolutions on the amendment of Articles of Association and on the dissolution of the association