No one changes the world alone. That’s why we work with reliable nonprofit partners who support us with know-how, experience, professional structures, drive and heart and soul. Because only together can we make a difference! 

Africa Amini Alama Deutschland e.V.

Plenty of idealism, tireless commitment and a big heart are what the Austrians Dr Christine Wallner and her daughter Dr Cornelia Wallner-Frisee bring to the “Africa Amini Alama” initiative. Founded by her mother in 2009, the association began with the construction of an infirmary for the local population. The association gradually extended its commitment from medical care to school and vocational training and social issues, and is financed by donations and sponsorships.


Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation

Archipelagos is a Greek non-profit, non-governmental organisation, which since 1998 has combined multidisciplinary scientific research and nature conservation work with the active participation of local communities. The goal is to protect biological diversity in the North-eastern Mediterranean, which a focus on the Greek seas and islands.


Barbados Environmental Conservation Trust

The registered charitable organisation was founded in 2019. Its vision: supporting local resources to achieve a powerful positive impact, thus bringing about effective and lasting change in nature conservation and environmental protection – transformation right from the heart of society. Foundation members act in the firm belief that local initiatives will positively change the future of the entire island state.


DMO Flores

The local non-profit organisation is focused on promoting the development and marketing of travel destinations. Jointly with partners, it drives the expansion of sustainable destinations so as to positively impact the tourism sector. Since 2019, DMO Flores has led the Community Coaching on Sustainability programme, which aims to support local communities in Flores with developing more sustainable tourism in Indonesia. The programme raises public awareness of the benefits surrounding tourism by coordinating the cooperation of various stakeholders with the goal of accelerating regional tourism development. This improves skills and understanding of sustainability issues within local communities.

ECLAT Development Foundation

Since its founding in 2008, ECLAT as a non-profit, non-governmental organisation has been committed to improving life in poor communities in Tanzania. Its focus is on the district of Simanjiro in the Manyara region of North-eastern Tanzania. More recently, ECLAT extended its sphere of activity to other parts of the country, in order to reach more people in need. Its activities range from supplying people with clean water to building educational institutions through to economically empowering women.

iThemba elitsha e.V.

The name iThemba elitsha originates from the South African Zulu language and means “new hope”. The association helps children and young people from the township Kleinmond at Cape Town with a comprehensive range of services so as to escape the vicious circle of poverty, and thus develop new pleasures, the opportunity for an education and thus a self-determined life and perspectives for the future within a safe environment.

KOTO Foundation

The KOTO Foundation, whose sphere of influence extends from Australia to Vietnam, cares for disadvantaged young people in Vietnam. KOTO’s philosophy is embodied in its name: KOTO stands for Know One, Teach One – knowledge should be passed on. It is there to be shared. This is the main idea of the Vietnam-Australian founder of KOTO, Jimmy Pham.

Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF)

The largest non-governmental organisation in Mauritius deals exclusively with the protection and conservation of endangered plant and animal species on the main island and offshore islands. MWF works closely with local and international partners on practical conservation projects. The long-term goal: re-establish destroyed and threatened ecosystems such as native rainforests and save endangered animal and plant species from extinction.

PAMS Foundation

Established in 2006, the Foundation consists of a team of 200 gamekeepers advocating the protection of wild animals in Tanzania. Their goal: protecting wild animals and nature in such a way that the local population participates and benefits at the same time.

Pimali Association

Pimali has committed itself to combating the exploitation of disadvantaged young people and reducing poverty in Northeast Thailand. Pimali provides young people and orphaned children with practical training in the hospitality industry. The aim is to secure them a professional future in the hospitality or tourism industry.


Reiner Meutsch Stiftung FLY & HELP

The main objective of the foundation established in 2009 is to promote education and training. With the help of donors, the foundation primarily builds new schools in developing countries. The new buildings will enable many thousands of children in Africa, Asia and Latin America to attend school and to lay the foundation for a self-determined future. To date, 550 projects have been initiated, funded and maintained around the world.

Smiling Gecko e.V.

In order to help children and families in need in Cambodia, Smiling Gecko pursues a holistic approach that facilitates and promotes self-determined living in rural regions.


Established in 1974, the educational foundation and non-profit organisation affords educational opportunities and scholarships to young people regardless of their origin or skin colour. The organisation helps young people from poor backgrounds to gain an education at university and college, to acquire vocational skills and to take up employment by means of mentoring and personal support. A glimmer of hope for all those who want to develop their skills and break the cycle of poverty through education.

Transfrontier Africa NPC

The organisation conducts nature conservation research, anti-poaching, environmental education and the promotion of community in the Kruger region. It has concluded a contract with Balule Nature Reserve to provide ecological input and strategic ecological management for the entire reserve.

Upendo – Verein zur Förderung von Entwicklungsprojekten in Afrika e.V.

The association promotes development cooperation at local level in Africa, and in Tanzania in particular. Project work is carried out in close cooperation and coordination with the government, which bears responsibility for the country and its people.

Wildlife and Ocean Resource Conservation (WORC)

The non-profit organisation has been focusing on the preservation and restoration of ecosystems in Sri Lanka since 2010. Among other things, it supports the protection and restoration of mangrove forests in Koggala and the protection and restoration of coral reefs in Rumassala at community level. WORC also offers travel experiences in all these areas. All income from eco-tourism is used to finance ongoing protection and restoration work.