Animal welfare

Experiencing wild animals in their natural habitat is a unique experience for travellers. The DER Touristik Foundation has a responsibility to safeguard the welfare of animals around the globe, as well to protect animals against the potential repercussions of tourism and to promote positive impacts of tourism on wildlife – in nature reserves for instance.  

The preservation or restoration of animal welfare is one of its key objectives, in their natural habitat, but also where animals are more closely linked to humans. Here, DER Touristik Foundation places a focus on animal species hit particularly hard by tourist activities, such as elephants or whales and dolphins. In joint forces with animal welfare organisations and other partners, it supports various projects and offers travellers animal-friendly experiences.   

In addition to the protection of animals, the DER Touristik Foundation focuses its commitment on fully educating the local population and integrating it into projects. Because animal protection is only guaranteed if those affected deem the measures to be useful – now and in the future.