Nature conservation

The overwhelming beauty of nature is often what attracts travellers to faraway lands: African savannahs, tropical rainforests, superb beaches, enchanting underwater worlds. All of these unique landscapes are home to people and animals as well as countless plant species. Preserving these habitats is one of the missions that DER Touristik Foundation has set for itself. Various projects aim to enable current and future generations to enjoy the beauty of nature and live in harmony with it.  

Together with local partners, the DER Touristik Foundation is fighting to restore and preserve the balance of nature. 

A number of environmental and climate protection projects focus on preserving natural resources, so that they can be used in line with nature in the future, too. In order to preserve habitats and their natural biodiversity, DER Touristik Foundation advocates for nature and species conservation; both in the plant and animal kingdoms. Special attention is devoted to the protection of endangered wild animals.