Funding goals

What we are committed to

Those who want to do something good, need to precisely identify their goals and pursue them with a plan. In the German Tax Law (AO), the legislator also stipulates some prerequisites when establishing a non-profit association. In our Articles of Association, we have formulated according to § 52 AO, which funding goals our association pursues.

Funding Goals

Our funding goals

The purposes of DER Touristik Foundation according to § 52 (2) AO are:

  • the promotion of child and youth welfare
  • the promotion of child and adult education and vocational training
  • the promotion of development cooperation
  • the promotion of nature conservation and environmental protection
  • the promotion of animal welfare

Our promotion of development cooperation aims to improve living conditions in the partner countries. This includes enabling people to live a self-determined life without material hardship. The foundation for a good life is an intact living environment. It is for this reason that the issue of nature conservation is particularly close to our heart. Commitment in environmental protection and nature conservation are not only beneficial for people’s living conditions, but for those of the animals, too. Animal welfare is therefore another pillar of our commitment. Our numerous projects in the above areas are characterised by mutual respect and pursue the goal of helping people to help themselves.

The three pillars of our commitment

African bush elephant and african buffalo in waterhole in Kruger National park, South Africa ; Specie Loxodonta africana family of Elephantidae

Investing in people

The promotion of child and adult education and vocational training  is the key to a self-determined life. Yet education continues to be a privilege in many countries. According to UNESCO, more than 750 million adults worldwide can neither read nor write. Every investment in education is the foundation upon which society can further develop. The DER Touristik Foundation therefore fosters the construction and equipment of schools as well as knowledge transfer. In doing so, it facilitates access to education for disadvantaged children and young people in particular: the masterminds of tomorrow. 

Nature conservation

Likewise, the promotion of nature conservation and environmental protection play an important role in improving the living conditions of a region. The inhabitants are dependent on intact ecosystems, while tourists enjoy unspoilt and healthy landscapes. With its environmental and climate protection measures, the DER Touristik Foundation is committed to preserving these natural resources.

Animal welfare

The DER Touristik Foundation is involved in various initiatives for promoting animal welfare. It attaches particular importance to the protection of wildlife in tourist regions. Because anyone who has ever experienced butterflies in their stomach during a safari in the African savannah knows: observing wild animals in their natural habitat is one of the most wonderful and thrilling travel experiences. Nevertheless, when the habitats of humans and wild animals clash, then conflict often ensues.